More and more people are choosing Nurse Practitioners as their primary, acute and/or specialty healthcare provider. In addition to being top-notch healthcare providers, NPs successfully deliver a unique blend of nursing and medical care. This “care and comfort approach” allows NPs to communicate effectively with patients and enables them to provide comprehensive, personalized, health education and counseling.

We appreciate the critical role Nurse Practitioners play in the process of improving outcomes, which is why we’ve created a Pediatric Adherence Tool Kit, just for you.  At FLAVORx, we are 100% committed to improving medication adherence so your patients have better outcomes. Our belief is that partnering with Nurse Practitioners will help promote the integration of the “taste conversation” into a provider’s everyday prescribing habits and together, FLAVORx and Nurse Practitioners will positively impact pediatric medication adherence and clinical outcomes.


If you are a pediatric nurse practitioner and would like an adherence tool kit, please order one today!  The FREE Pediatric Adherence Tool Kit includes*:

  • Pill Glide sample
    A safe and effective solution to the universal problem of swallowing.
  • Flavor Wheel
    Interactive tool you can use with children to help identify personal flavor preferences.
  • Flavoring Options Guide
    Comprehensive list of flavorable medications, sorted by therapeutic category, that are commercially available.
  • Medicine Time Tips Pad
    Easy tear-off information that you can send home with parents.
  • Lollipops
    Sugar-Free assortment of some of our popular flavors. Kids and adults love them!
  • Taste Matters Booklet
    Easy-to-read information that provides you with background information about our company, our current efforts, and future goals.
  • Availability sheet
    FLAVORx locator that allows you to direct patients to local pharmacies that participate in the flavoring program. 

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